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How to Enroll or Drop a Learner to a Section in Courseware


Assign a Learner Plato content by enrolling them into a Section. Existing learners can be enrolled in a section the following ways:

  • Through the Manage Students page
  • Through the Manage Courses page
  • Through the My Course Sections page

Learners must be created in the system before they can be assigned content. See the article below for more information on creating Learners:

How to create a Learner

Instructors with Program Admin rights only have the ability to enroll Learners to Sections they themselves are added to. Only Account Administrators can add Instructors to Sections. See the article below for more information on adding Instructors to Sections:

How to add an Instructor to a Class

How to Enroll a learner into an Existing Section:

  1. Click on Courseware, then click on Manage Courses.
  2. Scroll under Active Sections or Inactive Sections to the course you would like to add the student.
  3. Click on Capture-EL Icon.PNGicon for the course you would like to add the student.
  4. Click on a Section.
  5. Click the Add Students button.Capture-EL1.PNG
  6. You can search for students by name or SIS ID.   You can also click on the Browse Student Directory.
  7. Click Add Selected Students.


Dropping Learners

Account Administrators and Instructors with Program Administrator privileges can withdraw a learner from any section at any time. They can enroll the same learner back into a section later. A learner who has been withdrawn from a section can still log in to Plato Courseware, but a learner whose membership has been deactivated will be not be able to log in.

Deleting vs. Deactivating Users in Plato® Courseware

How to Drop a student from an existing Section:

  • Manage Courses
  1. Click on the Section of the Course you would like to withdraw or drop the student.
  2. Click the three points icon. Capture-WS Icon.PNG
  3. Click the Drop from Section option from the menu.Capture-WS1.PNG
  4. You should see a Drop Student warning screen.  Click on Drop Student to remove or withdraw the student from the class.


Note: You can withdraw multiple students from the same section.

  1. Check the boxCapture-WS4.PNG by every student you need to withdraw or drop from the class.
  2. Click Drop Students down at the bottom of the page.Capture-WS3.PNG



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