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Contact Hours Setting and Report


The Contact Hours Report is designed to capture hours spent working on Courseware inside a supervised class setting or remotely. This report is primary used within Higher Ed, but may be leveraged by some K-12 programs.

The setting to track contact hours must be active from the Administration Center. When activated, students are prompted to self-report whether they are in class or not each time they login.

Notes: The Contact Hours Report can be downloaded as a PDF or .csv format from the Administration Center.


How to activate the Contact Hours Setting

  1. After logging into the Courseware application, click Administration Center from the app switcher bar.
  2. Click the Settings dropdown, and select Application.
  3. Under the Reporting Controls section, click the checkbox next to Enable Contact Hours Data Collection.
  4. Once the setting is activated, all learners will receive a pop-up each time they login confirming whether they are in class or not.
  5. Note that once a learner has selected either yes or no, the Account Administrator will now have the option to run a Contact Hours Report from the Reports area within the Administration Center.

Class setting.png

Contact Hours Report.PNG


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