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Course Audit Report


The Course Audit Report is a new report primarily for district administrators who want a report that provides a record of Courseware performance across an entire account. This report will help answer key program questions, such as: How many courses did each high school recommend? Which courses earned the most credits? How much time did students spend in Courseware?

This report is available in .csv format from the Administration Center as well as from the Courseware Program.

Customers can edit the .csv report to meet specific reporting needs. The report will pull grade and credit data from Gradebook.

Notes: Customers with Grade Report will be able to generate a Course Audit Report but will not see data for Current Grade or Course Grade. This functionality will be available after they upgrade to Gradebook.

Report will only pull active classes not inactive or archived.


How to run a Course Audit Report

Administrators (From the Administration Center):
  1. After logging into the Courseware application, click Administration Center from the app switcher bar.
  2. From the Reports tab, click Audit Report. The Audit Report will have a NEW ribbon in the report box.
  3. You can choose to build your report using two options by: (1) Selecting Programs, Curricula, Classes/Assignments; and (2) Selecting learners.
  4. Once you have made your selections, you can set the report date range.
  5. Once you have inputted your date ranges, click Generate Report to run the report.
  6. The report will be available in the Reports to Download area at the bottom of the Reports tab once it is done processing.


Administrators (From The Program Level):
  1. On each Program Landing page, there is a button to click for the Courseware Audit Report.


  1. Click the button, you will see a pop up to set the report data range.
  2. Click Generate Report.
  3. The report will be available as an Audit Report Snapshot where you will have the option to Download or Dismiss.  The snapshot will automatically dismiss after 2 days.
Instructors (From The Program Level):
  1. Login and select a Courseware Program.
  2. Click MenuCapture-CAR2.PNG
  3.  Select Reports
  4. Select Courseware Audit Report and make appropriate selections.


Other Considerations

The report will include the following information fields:

  • Location     
  • Program    
  • Instructor     
  • Learner Last Name    
  • Learner First Name    
  • SIS ID    
  • System Grade    
  • Course  
  • Class Name
  • First Access    
  • Last Access    
  • Total Time On Task 
  • Total Activities    
  • Total Activities Completed  
  • Percentage Activities Completed  
  • Current Grade    
  • Course Grade    
  • Recommend for Credit    
  • Credit Granted By
  • Credit Granted On
  • Credit Value 
  • Credit Type   
  • SocioEconomic    
  • EthnicOrigin       
  • Education    
  • Migrant    
  • Homeless    
  • Armed Forces    
  • Foster Care    
  • Primary Language


For additional information regarding these and other changes, we recommend checking out our What's New Page on, or consulting our Help Center resources within Plato Courseware itself. 


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