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Detailed Score Report


The Detailed Score Report provides educators the most recent score or status and time on task for the following activities:

  • Pretests
  • Post-tests
  • End of Semester Tests
  • Mastery Tests
  • Offline Activities

Educators can generate the Detailed Score report either for assignments or for locations. This report also provides details about a learner's time on task.


Note: The Detailed Score Report works for courses that have the Pre/Post/EOS tests and Mastery Test structure. It does NOT display data for courses that have Quizzes, Midterms and Final Exams (Stars Courses, or eDynamics). You can workaround this by using a different report to show scores such as the detailed grade Report from Grade Tracker or the Learner Progress Report.


Note: If a test (excluding offline activities) is reset to Not Started, the score will be removed from the report. If a Learner has multiple attempts of a mastery test, the report will show the last score.

Once an activity receives a Completed or Mastered status, it remains the same even if the Learner later gets a lower score and doesn't master it. Other reports, such as the Learner Progress or Assignment Module Mastery will show the module as completed and mastered.


Status symbols other than scores:

C = Complete

  • Mastery tests in some content are dynamic and do not report scores, only mastery/completion status. For these, a C indicates mastery and completion of the mastery test. See the article below for more information:

 Why do some activities not report scores?

  • Offline activities report only completion, not mastery. For these, a C indicates completion of the offline activity.

E = Exempt

  • Mastery tests for which the Learner has earned an exemption but no score are indicated with an E. If a Learner has been exempt from a tests but has taken it anyway, then the score will be reported instead of the E. Exemptions are not included in either of the average scores.

-- (or blank) = Incomplete or Not Started

  • Either the Learner has not started the activity, or
  • It is a non-scored activity that the Learner has started but not completed. Incomplete activities with no scores are not included in the Average Attempted scores.

How the Average Mastery Test scores are calculated in the Detailed Score report:

The Average Mastery Test score is calculated based on the scores of all mastery tests in the assignment, whether the Learner has attempted them or not, counting unattempted tests as having a score of zero. This includes mastery tests with any status: Completed, In Progress, or Not Started.

The Average Mastery Test (Attempted) score is calculated based on the scores of all mastery tests for which the Learner's status is Completed or In Progress. If a Learner has answered all the test questions and received any score above zero, the score will appear in the report. This ensures that scores from both mastered (Completed) and non-mastered (In Progress) tests are counted.

Note:  If a Learner has answered all the questions in a test but gotten none of them correct or has exited the test before answering all the questions, the score will be counted as zero in either case. For these In Progress tests (counted in the Average Attempted score), you will see a dash (--) in the Score field. Since a dash also appears in the Score field for a mastery test that is Not Started (and not counted in the Average Attempted score), you will need to run a learner progress report to find which mastery tests the learner has started and have a zero score vs. those that the learner has not started. 

Example:  This Learner has attempted three mastery tests in the assignment:

  • Odd and Even Numbers: Completed with 90% score
  • Prime and Composite Numbers:  Attempted but exited before end of test; 0% score
  • Exponents: Exponential Form:  Attempted with 50% score

The average of the three attempted tests is 47%.

Should you use the Average score or the Average Attempted score?

  • If you want to include only those activities which the Learner has actually earned a score (attempted mastery tests and completed pre/post/EOS tests), use the Average Attempted score. This might be appropriate as an interim progress measure while Learners are still working through the assignment.
  • If you want to count all* activities in the assignment, regardless of whether the Learner has attempted them or not, counting unattempted activities as zero scores, use the Average score. This may be appropriate as a final progress measure, when Learners are expected to have completed the entire assignment.

*The exception is that exempt activities are not counted in the Average score.


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