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Graphic Learner Progress Report in Courseware


The Graphic Learner Progress Reports shows students' progress based on the number of course activities they have completed. This report can be generated with the following options:

  • By Learner: use this option if you want to generate a report for one Learner in one class with the options to select a single or multiple assignments. 
  • By Class & Assignment: use this option if you want to generate a report for one class/one assignment with the options to select a single or multiple Learners.

Account Administrators, Program Administrators and Instructors can generate both Graphic Learner Progress Reports. Learners can also generate this report for each of their assignments.

Other Considerations

As of August 28th, the Graphic Learner Progress Report displays data in the Activities Completed column for any learning activity that has been attempted. This report no longer depends on Mastered modules (80% or above on Mastery Tests). For data on Modules Mastered, we recommend using the Graphic Learner Progress with Module Mastery Report.

Based on this change, existing classes may be impacted by the following:

  • Completed Activities count may increase
  • % of Activities Completed may increase
  • Progress bar may increase

Below is a list of items that are considered Activities in our different course types:

Plato Course - Mastery Test

  • Module
  • Pretest
  • Post Test
  • End of Semester Test
  • Lesson Activity
  • Course Activity
  • Unit Activity
  • Discussion

Plato Course - Quiz

  • Tutorial 
  • Quiz
  • Midterm
  • Final 
  • Submission
  • Lab

eDynamics Course

  • Syllabus
  • How You Will be Graded
  • Unit
    • Unit Title
    • Unit Summary
    • Lesson
    • Reflect
    • Text Questions
    • Lab Questions
    • Quiz Review
    • Quiz Game
    • Unit Quiz
    • Discussion
    • Podcast
  • Midterm Test
  • Midterm Discussion
  • Final Exam Test
  • Final Exam Discussion 


Are there other reports that show Percent of Modules Mastered?

If you want to display student progress for % modules mastered as well as % total activities, we recommend using the Course Module Mastery report or the Graphic Learner Progress with Module Mastery Report available in Admin Center.

Why does the percentage differ between Learner view and Educator view?

There is potential for percentage to be off by 1% between Educator and Learner as Educator rounds up normally but the learner rounds down (truncates). For example, 19 out of 55 = 34.5. The Educator view would show 35%, and Learner 34%. We are not addressing this issue at this time. If have any feedback or concerns about this please log it in Seehive for further consideration.

How do "Exempted" items impact progress?

If an assignment has exemptions, either by scoring well on the pretest or by manual exemption, those exempted items WILL be added to the calculation, counting towards progress in the course. 
Note: In the event a student performs any work in an exempted module, that module will still count towards progress completion; however, if the student works in any teacher-graded activity such as a Dropbox Activity or Graded Discussion, this will in effect "un-exempt" the item and remove it from the progress calculation, thus removing progress from the progress bar. 

For this reason, it is imperative that a student not perform work in an exempted activity unless the student wants to disregard the exemption, or the instructor wishes that activity included despite the exemption. 

If the student works in an exempted item on accident, and that adversely affects their progress, we recommend the student reach out to their Instructor.

How do "Hidden" activities impact the progress?

If an assignment has hidden items, they will NOT be removed from the calculation, so if an educator has hidden an item, the student will not be able to achieve 100% completion. To completely remove the activity, we recommend customizing the course as opposed to using the hide feature, as that is primarily available for controlling sequential access to a learning path.

Does the report work for Assessment and Prescriptive Assignments?

The Graphic Learner Progress report cannot be used for prescriptive assignments. The report is intended to be used to compare Learner's progress for PLATO Courses and Titles. Prescriptions, however, are individualized, based on Learner's performance on benchmark assessments, so they do not provide a basis for comparison. Instead, run individual Learner Progress reports for Learner's prescriptions.


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