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How to generate a Course Module Mastery Report


The Course Module Mastery Report compares Learners' progress with that of their course section peers for a single course. The report helps to track individual Learner progress against average Learner progress for a certain course section. Educators can identify those Learners who are falling behind average progress leveles, those who are meeting the average, and those who exceed the average. Comparing Learner progress can also help identify Learners who should move forward and those who need help. Account Administrators and Instructors can both generate this report.

How To


For detailed information about this feature please refer to the Plato Courseware User's Guide and Product Training Course:

Plato Courseware User Guide

To access the Instructor Product Training Course: create a Learner user for any instructors who need access and enroll these learners in the Instructor Product Training Course. See the link below for steps on how to enroll Learners into a Section.

How to enroll a Learner into a Section


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