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How to generate a Learner Progress Report


The Learner Progress Report monitors each Learner’s progress on activities within a course. This report can help you closely observe how an individual Learner is progressing through his or her course. You can see whether a Learner is spending enough time on the assigned tasks, review a Learner's completion and mastery status, and note a Learner's scores. This data can help you can make an informed decision about whether a Learner needs extra help or intervention. 

A Learner Progress Report can be generated in either of two ways:  by Course Section or by Learner:

  • The purpose of the Learner Progress by Class Report is to monitor multiple Learners' progress, status, and scores on activities within multiple courses.
  • The purpose of the Learner Progress by Learner Report is to monitor a single Learner's progress, status, and scores on activities within multiple course sections.  

Account Administrators and Instructors can generate both Learner Progress Reports. Learners can also generate this report for each of their courses. These reports answer questions related to the Learners' progress on courses. For example, how well are Learners progressing through a course, and do the Learners understand the content in that course?


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