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Learner Daily Usage Reports


The Learner Daily Usage Reports monitor how much time Learners have been putting into activities for a selected assignment and also total time in the Plato Courseware system for a specified date range (four months at a time per report). This report can be generated in either of two ways:

  • By Learner: use this option if you want to generate a report for one Learner as they log in and out of Courseware. It also tracks the amount of time the Learner spends in all of their classes and all of their assignments during a specified date range. 
  • By Class & Assignment: use this option if you want to generate a report for Learners' activity as they log in and out of Courseware. It also tracks the amount of time each Learner spends on selected assignments for a class during a specified date range.

Note: The report by Class and Assignment only reports data for Learners who have Courseware usage for the date range specified. If the Learner is not listed in the report, they had no Courseware usage during the specified date range.

Account Administrators, Administrators and Instructors can generate both Learner Daily Usage Reports.

Note: Both reports include all log in and log out information for the specified date range. They are updated when Learner(s) log out of Courseware. Generating the reports while Learner(s) are logged in will not show up to date time frames.


The Learner Daily Usage Report supports both percentage scores and points earned. The majority of PLATO Courses will utilize a percentage based scoring method, while some Edmentum Assessments, like Accucess, will utilize a point based scoring method.


The delineation between the two scoring methods better represents the types of questions being posed to students. Some Assessments are incorporating questions with multiple points per item (as with multi-part items) which are more accurately reflected by a points based system.


What's Next

Mastery tests will show as In Progress with no score if:

  • Learner starts the mastery test but does not completes it.
  • Learner completes the mastery test but does not score 80% or better.

The Mastery test will show as In Progress in the report and also in the Learner Interface along with a lock next to the test. To unlock and retake the mastery test, the Learner can redo the tutorial.

Note: Offline activities, digital drop box, threaded discussions, and explorations do not record Time on Task.

What is the difference between Total time logged in and Total time on activities in the report?

On the Learner Daily Usage Report, Total Time On Activities refers to time spent by the Learner in activities; each activity session begins at the Start Time and ends at the End Time. The Total time on activities is shown in total for the date range selected. This is also referred to as Time on Task.


Total Time Logged In counts all of the time from the Login Time (when Learner logged in to the system) to Logout Time (when Learner logged out of the system). The Learner may or may not have been running activities during all of the system session, so the sum of the Total time logged in during a system session may be less than the Total time on activities for that session. This is also referred to as Time in System.

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