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System Usage Report


The System Usage Report provides details about the overall usage information of all users in the system.  The report provides a high-level overview of the usage and trends and does not include an hourly reporting period.  The report is divided into 2 pages.  The first page of the report shows the overall system usage information throughout the month.  The second page of the report shows daily usage in a calendar month.

Only Account Administrators have access to this report.

This report covers both the Educator Usage and Learner Usage Totals separately and further breaks it down by the following categories:

  • Peak simultaneous learners - Specifies the maximum number of users accessing the system at the same time.
  • Total unique users this month - Specifies how many unique users actually accessed the system.
  • Total user sessions this month - Specifies how many times users logged into the system and worked on various learning activities.
  • Total user time on system - Specifies how many hours users were collectively on the system.


Average Learner Time on System - The System Usage report shows the average time on the System in hours. While the learner time on system is tracked by the second, the average time on system is calculated and rounded to the nearest hour. 


Other Considerations


  • The Resource Usage Report can also be helpful because it displays the overall system usage data for all PLATO content included in assignments. See the article below for more information on this report:

How to generate a Resource Usage Report



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