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What Reports Are Available in Plato Courseware?


To ensure the success of all Learners, it's important to monitor their performance and progress continuously. Doing so will help you make sound instructional adjustments as needed. Plato® Courseware helps you generate several types of reports, all of which are listed on the Reports tab. Instructors have five curriculum reports available. Account Administrators have access to those reports along with two system reports. Note: Along with the description of each report below you will also see User Guides. 


Capture-Curriculum Reports.PNG

This report compares learners' progress with that of their class peers for a single assignment. Note: % Completed is now added to this report.

This report provides instructors and administrators scores pretests, posttests, and mastery tests for multiple learners in an assignment.

This report serves to calculate a final grade for students in an assigned course with standard pacing. If you do not see the Grade Report in your account, please refer to the following link detailing the Grade Tracker.

Grade Tracker in Plato Courseware

This report provides a graphical representation of Learner progress for an assignment.

This report serves to monitor a single student's progress, status, and scores on activities within multiple assignments across all classes.

  • Test Progress Report

This report provides educators with a snapshot of how learners are performing on tests for a Courseware assignment.

  • Strengths and Needs by Class Report

This report helps identify specific areas of strength and weakness for a class as a whole and for individual students, based on a single test.

  • Class Usage Summary Report

This report gives instructors and administrators information about how learners are spending their time in Courseware at a class level. Note: Time on Task is now updated within the CSV file.

  • Learner Portfolio Report

This report provides information about all assignments and assessments the learner has ever performed within this product.

This report allows instructors to monitor the time a student has spent in their Plato Courseware activities.

This report will show learner(s) reponses for a selected test within an assigned course.

This report allows instructors to monitor learner's course completion data. Note: % Completed is now added to this report.

System Reports (Account Administrators only)

system reports.PNG

This report shows overall system usage data  for all users.

This report shows overall system usage data for the content included in assignments.