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Administration Center Overview

There are five sections within the Administration Center, Home, Users, Programs, Licenses, and Settings.

  • Home: The home page gives Admins a quick look at user activity and learner content usage for the account. This snapshot shows logins and time in system for both educators and learners.
  • Users:  The first option under the users tab is Manage. All users linked to the account will appear on this manage users page.  Account Administrators are responsible for creating users and the steps for creating a user is the same whether creating an Account Administrator, instructor, or learner account. Users can be assigned to multiple locations, and can be assigned to either Courseware or Edmentum Assessments programs.
  • Programs: Creating a program is the first step administrators complete when they get started with the platform.  Programs can deliver either Courseware or Edmentum assessments and are attached to a location or locations within the account.  A program has to be created before users can be added or classes can be created. New accounts are set up with both a Plato Courseware Program and an Edmentum Assessments program.
  • Settings: Account Administrators have the ability to manage Learner Controls such as Messaging, Notebooks, toggle learner grades ON/OFF, archiving Programs, Classes, and Custom Courses, as well as the Time Zone setting for the account. Note: The grade will reflect the current grade as determined by the scales and weights from the class's Grade Tracker page. For more information on Grade Tracker click here.
  • Reports: Account Administrators and Program Administrators can batch run reports and come back to access the data within 7 days. Data will be static in that 7 day window and will be accurate as of time of report generation.          

For more details on these feature, please see the Plato Courseware User Guide.

Managing Users

To Edit a User Account

1) Go to the Administration Center. 

2) From the Users tab, select "Manage." 

3) Enter search term to search for user by (i.e. Last Name).

4) Locate the user, and check the box to the left of the user's name. 

5) Click the "Actions" link to the right of the user's name, and select "Edit user." 

6) After making changes, select "Save & Close."





To add or change user's current location go to the Account Structure Locations section, select the location to assign to the user.




Managing Programs

Program structure allows schools that use Edmentum products for multiple solutions to have programs that are not location specific, and to have learners from different locations in the same program. Location structure is based on physical district set up and defines where students are going to come from as well as determines licensing.

For more information on Programs, please refer to Plato Courseware Programs


Adding Program Admins and Instructors to Programs: The task of adding instructors to and program admins to programs can now be done with a simple check of a box through the programs tab.

Adding Users to Program.PNG


Access Control

You can set days and times learners will be able to access their assignments by program. Note that the times you set will be based on the time zone you have set for the account.


* Students can now log-in outside of designated hours to review notes (assignments will remain inaccessible).

Access Control.PNG

Class Archive/ Closeout

Admins. can archive classes at the end of a semester or school year to keep their accounts clean and organized. This can be done under Settings > Archive > Classes.


Admin Center Reports Tab makes program and account level report generation easy. Account Administrators and Program Administrators can batch run reports and come back to access the data within 7 days. Data will be static in that 7 day window and will be accurate as of time of report generation.

Admin Center Reports.JPG

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