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Best practices before performing a Batch Upload in PLATO Courseware


Account Administrators have the ability to create multiple Learners in the system at one time using Batch Upload. This is a useful alternative to creating Learners manually. By default, Instructors have the ability to create Learners manually, but do not have access to perform a Batch Upload. 


  • A CSV sample file is available to assist with the process. This can be found in the Administration Center under the User Management option. Select import users, and then import sample tab.
  • It is helpful to identify a naming convention before creating users in the system. This helps eliminate duplicate users and makes it easier to search and manage users in the future. 
  • Classes cannot be created using Batch Upload. 
  • Learner and Instructor profiles can be updated or deactivated using Batch Upload.
  • User profiles cannot be deleted using Batch Upload.

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