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Accucess 2.0


Edmentum Assessments is enhancing Edmentum Accucess to align to next generation standards and now includes technology-enhanced items. Within the prescription component, curriculum will be selected and leveled to align with the next generation Edmentum curriculum.

The reading, writing, and math Accucess assessments are being updated to pull from a much larger item bank and will include technology-enhanced items. Technology-enhanced items will also be included in the pretests within the prescription.

The scope and sequence that Accucess prescribes will also be updated to align to next generation standards.

To give instructors more visibility to the progression of their learners, the level of each module is now displayed within a learner’s prescription details. Instructors can see the level associated with each module learners have exempted or mastered.

Users can now edit the start and target grades for one or more learners. This adjusts the level of the first question (start grade) and the target level for prescription content (target grades). This enhancement further supports users who are working with students at varying levels.

The Accucess Results Report has been enhanced to show the numbered level of prescription modules as well as highest module level completed. This report helps customers document how far a student has progressed through the curriculum since they began. It can be used when students are transitioning out of a program or as a progress check during a program.

What is Accucess?

Accucess is an adaptive diagnostic assessment tool which determines Learner proficiency and achievement in key subject areas including Language Arts, Reading Skills and Comprehension and Math. Learners are assigned a PLATO curriculum score based on the results of the assessment, then given a PLATO grade level equivalent and assigned a customized learning path from PLATO curriculum to remediate needed objectives to get on the targeted grade level determined by the educator.

Accucess assessments can also be used as a stand-alone assessment to determine where a Learner is currently at and allow for placement by the educator into appropriate instruction.

How does an Accucess assessment work?

Each assessment adapts to the Learner's level as the Learner answers questions. It begins with a question at the start grade level specified by the educator. It will then ask additional questions to determine understanding of each concept for the subject and adjust higher or lower as necessary.  The target grade does not have any relevance over the level of questions presented in the assessment.

For detailed information about the Accucess Assessments v2, please refer to the Accucess v2 Instructor Guide:

Accucess Instructor Guide v2


For more information on assigning and managing Accucess assessments and prescriptions, follow the below link.
Accucess Assessments


Accucess assigns prescriptions that may require the Flash Player plugin. There are no Authorware or Shockwave activities.

What are the differences between the old and new versions of Accucess?

Existing version:

New version:

Algorithm to place students along Accucess continuum.

Improved algorithm based on data and research to more accurately place students along Accucess continuum.

Alignment is a general scope and sequence of curriculum.

Alignment is based on next generation standards scope and sequence.

Item pool of a few thousand items, all multiple choice.

Item pool of almost 30,000 items, including multiple choice and technology-enhanced items (TE items, approximately 10%).

Default starting question is a 3rd grade item.

Default starting question is a 5th grade item.




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