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Accucess Results Report in Edmentum Assessments


The Accucess Results Report provides Accucess Curriculum Score results about student performance on an Accucess Test. It allows you to quickly and efficiently identify if learners are on grade level in reading, writing, and math. The Accucess Results Report provides the Curriculum Score after Learners complete an Accucess Assessment.


How to generate Accucess Results Report:

1. Teachers: Click the Reports tab, Admins: Click Administration Center at the top.

2. Click the Accucess Results section.

3. Select one or more Instructors, and then click the Next button.

4. Select one or more learners, and then click the Next button.

5. Select the Accucess test that you'd like to generate the report for, and then click the Next button.

6. In the Date Range field, click the calendar icons to select start and end dates for the report.

7. Click the Yes or No button to indicate whether you would like to include prescription data in the report.

8. Select an output format, either PDF or spreadsheet.

9. Click the Generate Report button.



What's Next

Prescription Levels and Pretests

The prescription is assigned when the student completes the assessment. Prescriptions are assigned in chunks, called levels.

Depending on the curriculum score and the level chunk it falls into, students may be prescribed modules from level(s) below their curriculum score. Instead of exempting them out of everything in the levels beneath the curriculum score, we give them the option to take a pretest, or the educator can exempt.

Educators have the option to include pretests in the prescription when creating the assignment (can't be changed once assigned). If selected, each level begins with a pretest. Students can take the pretest for each level to exempt out or teachers can exempt them out if they are having them skip.

Prescriptions are designed to go in consecutive order but not forced. We recommend going in consecutive order.


Prescription Level Achieved

Prescription Level Achieved is the highest score of the consecutive prescription level reached by the learner. Only sequential progress is counted in this calculation, meaning only the furthest consecutive level achieved. If a learner skips several levels ahead in their prescription and completes work in higher levels, anything completed after the skipped levels will not be counted.

Keep in mind:

  1. When students skip a module, modules mastered or exempted above and beyond that are not counted until those skipped modules are completed, meaning that there could be further progress by students not calculated into the progress
  2. When students enter their prescription, they usually have a few modules (or many modules depending on placement) that are actually a lower number than the Accucess score.  For example, a score of 315 may start with a prescription of 300.  Students would have to master modules between 300 and 315 before progress is really started to be recorded.

Refer to Accucess in Edmentum Assessments for more information.

Other Considerations

For additional information on Edmentum™ Assessments, please refer to the Edmentum Assessments User Guide.


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