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Assessment Strengths and Needs Reports in Edmentum Assessments


The Assessment Strengths and Needs Reports provide educators a view of student performance on a state test for a given learner. This report can be generated a couple different ways depending on the need:

  • For a Learner: use this option to identify specific areas of strength and weakness for an individual Learner, based on a single benchmark test.
  • For an Assignment: use this option to identify specific areas of strength and weakness for a for all learners in an assignment for a single benchmark test. 
  • For a Test: use this option to quickly identify strengths and weakness for all learners for a single benchmark test for one or all instructors.
  • For Instructors Learners: Administrators can use this to identify strengths and needs for learners of a specific instructor for a single benchmark test.


When generating an Assessment Strengths and Needs report, the Performance Category is a set of state-determined categories that you have created to use when generating the report. There are four types of Performance Categories:

  • Personal Performance Category
  • State Performance Category
  • Account Performance Category
  • Program Performance Category


Other Considerations

Some states do not have State Performance Categories. For these states, use the Personal, Account, or Program Performance Categories instead. 

States that do not use State Performance Categories:

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

PARCC and SBAC Tests

Strengths and Needs Report will include Claims Description in section headers for PARCC and SBAC Tests (PLE & Edmentum Assessments) To aid users in understanding the Strengths and Needs report for PARCC and SBAC test packs, the claim description have been added following the claim number on reports.
Refer to PARCC and SBAC Common Core Test Packs for more information.

  • Strength and Needs Report:
    All Test Packs assessments will now be scored on a points earned out of total points basis instead of by the number of questions correct out of the total number of questions. The CVS version of this report will be updated to reflect points earned scoring.

Please see this article for additional information regarding Edmentum Assessments.


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