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Common Core Test Packs v2.0 including PARCC and SBAC


We now offer New Common Core Test Packs that include technology enhanced items and questions written using the Depth of Knowledge guidelines. Each test pack will include 3 comparable assessments.


The PLATO Common Core Test Pack has been replaced by Common Core Test Pack v2.0. The new v2.0 content includes the new Technology Enhanced Items. The new v2.0 also does not prescribe Math Expeditions (Shockwave) content. Customers who had the old version now have both versions. The key difference between the versions is the addition of Technology Enhanced items to assess the different CCSS standards. The old version will remain available to customers that have been using it for benchmarking and want to continue using it to compare scores from one test to the next.


To deepen our alignment to the Common Core, Edmentum released new Test Packs that are aligned to the SBAC and PARCC Exams, which include four comparable test versions and Technology Enhanced Items as well. These Test Packs were made be available as part of Edmentum's Summer 2014 release.


Other Considerations

PARCC and SBAC Reporting Categories

For more information about reporting categories, refer to PARCC Assessment Reporting Categories and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.


Instructor Graded Items

Refer to Instructor Graded Assessment Items for more information on test questions that require scoring by the Instructor.


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