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Edmentum Assessments focuses on two key solutions – assessment and intervention. The end goal of both of these solutions is that students master all of their grade-level standards and that they are able to demonstrate that mastery on end-of-year exams. The Edmentum Assessments updates this summer, fall, and winter are designed to accomplish one major objective: to more closely align Test Packs to the actual summative exams that students are required to take.

Content Updates

  • We are moving away from the 30-item assessment and moving toward delivering full-length tests that mimic the length of state assessments.

  • Students will experience a wider variety of prescribed content in their prescriptions as a result of the changes.

  • The following Test Packs will be updated this summer, fall, and winter: National Common Core ELA and Math; National Science Test Packs (TP); National Social Studies TP.

  • The follow states will have updated Test Packs this summer, fall, and winter: TX, VA, AZ, LA, FL, OH, and PA. PA will maintain a 30 item test for 2015-2016 but will receive other content updates.

New Technology-Enhanced Items

  • New Multi-Part Item: Items in which students answer more than one question within a single item. Multi-part items have two or more parts and can be made up of different types of items.

  • New Audio Item: Students will listen to an excerpt of audio and then respond to a question or series of questions about that audio.

  • New Video Item: Students will watch a video and then respond to a question or series of questions about that video.


Scoring Changes


  • To accommodate multi-part items and changes to constructed response questions, all Test Packs assessments will now be scored on a points earned out of total points basis instead of by the number of questions correct out of the total number of questions.
  •  This change in scoring allows constructed response items to weigh more than other items, as they do on many summative, end-of-year assessments.

Assessment Interface Updates


  • The assessment interface has been updated to be more user-friendly, to better accommodate new item types, and to be more similar to the interfaces used in next-generation assessments such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced.
  • This new interface also applies to Accucess, to all Plato Courseware pretests, posttests, EOS tests, as well as some Plato Courseware mastery tests.

Platform and Reporting

  • Assessment Interface (Educator View): When educators preview TP from the Assessments catalog they will notice the updated color scheme and navigation and the ability to easily identify which questions will require instructor grading. When reviewing submitted assessments, it will be easier for educators to identify which questions students got correct, incorrect, and partially correct.
  • Learner Progress: Educators will now see results based on points earned on the Learner Progress screen.

  • My Assignments: Educators will no longer see the student progress preview when they click on a student’s name on the My Assignments page, they will now be taken directly to that individual student’s assignment progress page. Also, educators will no longer see assessment details until test scoring is complete.

  • Learner Assessment Report: The learner assessment report that was previously only available to students, is now available to instructors as well.

  • Assignment Creation: Educators will now be able to create assessments assignments without selecting learners, the option to include instructor-graded items in scoring is now a yes or no question instead of a check box, and self enroll will now be available for assessments.

  • Item Response Report: Will now available by Learner and by Test instead of by Assignment. Report will also be simplified and, coming, this fall, the report will also include standards for each item.

  • Strength and Needs Report: The CSV version of this report will be updated to reflect points earned scoring.


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