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How to create and manage Assessments


In Edmentum Assessments, you can perform three tasks: assign and manage tests for learners, view tests, and create custom versions of the tests. 


Follow these steps to assign a test to learners:


1.    Click the Assessments Catalog tab.

2.    On the Assessments Catalog page, click the Test Packs option. 

3.    Click the arrow next to the Plato Common Core Fixed Benchmark Test Pack to display a list of tests. 

4.    Click the arrow next to the test that you want to assign to learners.

5.    Click the Actions button next to the test edition and select the Assign to Learners button from the drop-down menu.


Example 1.PNG


6.    Select the check boxes next to learners you want to assign the test to.

7.    Click the Next button at the top-right corner of the page.


Example 2.PNG


8.    Enter these assignment details:

  • Assignment Name
  • Instructor
  • Instructions
  • Start Date
  • Due Date

9.    Select the check box to auto-activate a prescription when a learner completes the assigned test.
10. Check off Self-Enroll if you wish for the students to enroll themselves into the assignment or test on the login screen.
*Note* This allows you to send a Self-Enroll code and password to any learner. The learner need not be in the system - an account will be created for them when they enroll.


11.  Click the drop-down arrow to set the number of times learners can attempt the mastery test before it locks.  Then click the Next button. 

12.  Review the assignment details.  If you want to edit any information, click the Back button.  Click the Create Assignment button when you're ready to complete the process. 



Follow these steps to view a test:

Note: Since Accucess tests are unique based on the assignment settings the educator chooses, Accucess can't be previewed or printed.

1.    Click the Assessments Catalog tab.

2.    Click the Test Packs option.

3.    Click the arrow next to the Test Pack to display a list of tests.

4.    Click the arrow next to the test that you want to view.

5.    Click the Actions next to the test edition.

6.    Select the View Test option from the drop-down menu.  All available information about the test displays. 


Example 4.PNG

To Print a Test Pack:

1.    Follow steps 1-6 above.

2.    The Test Details page will display.


  1. Click Prev and Next buttons to move through the questions and see the Learner's answer. Click the Answer Key to see the correct answer. Click Questions to see an overview of correct/incorrect/excluded from score or to go directly to a specific question.  By default, the questions are displayed with the Learner's Answer. Select Unanswered to see the questions without an answer.
    1. Questions answered correctly will be marked correct in green
    2. Questions answered incorrectly will be marked incorrect in red
    3. Questions with multiple parts that are partially correct are denoted by a white box
  2. To report an issue with a test question, go to the question and click Report Issue.




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