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Instructor Graded Assessment Items


The GED and Common Core Test Packs contain Assessments with Instructor-Graded Assessment Items. These are new Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response Item types. These items are designed to be scored by the Instructor, there is no "system scoring".


When the assignment is created, there is an option to include Instructor-Graded Assessment Items in Scoring. This must be checked in order for Instructor to score it. Once the assignment is created and learners have attempted the test, this setting cannot be changed. If this assignment is created with the option not to include Instructor-Graded Items in Scoring, these Items are still included in the test but do not get scored. For example, if an educator has a large number of students taking the test and doesn't want to grade the CR items they would not check the 'Include Instructor-Graded assessment items in scoring" option.


Edmentum Assessments Summer 2015 Instructor Graded Assessment Items in Scoring.JPG


Once the student completes the assessment and submits for scoring, the Scoring Notification is displayed on the Home page. Educators can click Score Now to score the item(s). The Scoring Notification stays on the Home page until you click the X.

Students and Educators can view the Assessment scoring criteria by clicking on Show Rubric when viewing the test.


All Constructed Response items follow the new points scoring rule allowing a points spread of 0, 1 or 2. When the question is considered to be partially correct, the instructor can elect to give partial credit by giving 1 point rather than the potential 2. This will reflect in the Result Details as a number of points over the total number as below:



In the GED Reading and Language Arts Writing tests, there is one question and it is Instructor Scored. If it is not scored by the Instructor, it can't be scored and the learner does not receive prescriptions. To workaround this, you can reassign it to the student and score it in order to get prescriptions. You can also create Assignments and/or Sensei Supplemental Assignments using the appropriate prescriptions from the Prescriptions Summary by viewing the test.


The GED Reading and Language Arts Writing tests are a great way to practice with the essay, and Educators can manually assign or eliminate parts of the prescription as they see fit.

Items per test

 Common Core Test Pack v2.0

By design, the Common Core Test Pack v2.0, never has more than 5 CR items per test per grade level, however, there are typically 2-4 CR items per test per grade level.


Smarter Balanced Test Pack

The inclusion of CR items at each grade and the # per grade is determined by the test blueprints that were available to us from Smarter Balanced at the time of the test design.


Grades 3-6: 3-4 CR items per test

Grades 7-11: 5-6 CR items per test


Grades 3-6: 1-4 CR items per test

Grades 7-11: 2-7 CR items per test



The PARCC tests only include machine graded items and do NOT have any constructed responses.  We modeled our PARCC tests off of their End of Year (EOY) tests which also don not include constructed response items.


Best practices

If educators don’t want to be burdened with grading, we recommend choosing to exclude from scoring during assignment creation. While there is no way to remove them from the test so that students are not presented with them, educators can choose to have them excluded from scoring. This means that the teachers are not prompted to go in and review/respond to the constructed response items (although they can view responses if they want to). This assignment setting can be changed if no learners have attempted the test. Once a learner has attempted the test, this setting can't be changed, but you can always view student responses and provide the student feedback outside of the program if needed. When choosing this option, tell students to skip those questions. This will allow them to submit for scoring without completing all items and if the assignment is set to exclude from scoring, they will not be penalized for not answering those questions.


If you choose to include grading, all prescriptions will generate as soon as the student completed the test, except for modules tied to the CR questions.


Please see this article for additional information regarding Edmentum Assessments.



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