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Programs in Edmentum Assessments


Program structure allows schools that use Edmentum products for multiple solutions to have programs that are not location specific, and to have learners from different locations in the same program. Location structure is based on physical district set up and defines where students are going to come from as well as determines licensing.


Account Administrators have to create programs with either Courseware or Assessments before other users can gain access. Only Account Administrators have permission to create programs, create users, distribute licenses, and create classes. This type of permission helps control access and centralizes licensing and user management.

The following best practices are recommended when creating programs within Edmentum Assessments:

  • A program must be created and Edmentum Assessments must be assigned to that program.

  • Programs can be used at multiple locations across an account or you can assign a specific location(s).

  • Use a naming convention that describes the program with a description of the content, grade level, and other possible descriptors.


Note:  Administrators can always see everyone in any program. Teachers are not restricted from using Edmentum Assessments across Programs. The idea is to have the Admin direct the teachers to use the right program.


How To

To create a program:


  1. Select the Administration Center from the App Switcher bar.

  2. Click on Programs

  3. Click on Create a Program.

  4. Enter the required information for the Program Name and select if the program will administer Edmentum Assessments. Choose the location(s) for this program, then click Save & Close.

To edit a program:

  1. Select the Administration Center from the App Switcher bar.

  2. Click on Programs.

  3. Click on the program you wish to edit. It will unfold and allow you to edit the Name and the Locations associated with the Program.

  4. Click Save when you are done.

To remove a program:

  1. Select the Administration Center from the App Switcher bar.

  2. Click on Programs.

  3. Click the red X to the right of the Program you wish to remove. A confirmation box will open to confirm you wish to remove the program. Once a Program is deleted, it is permanently removed from the application.This is the Other Considerations Header


Other Considerations

Creating a program is the first step Account Administrators complete when they get started with the platform. Programs can deliver either Plato Courseware or Edmentum Assessments and are attached to a location or locations within the account. A program has to be created before users can be added or classes can be created.


See User Roles for more information on roles and permissions.

For detailed information on how your Program membership and Role interact, see the following page:

Program Type and User Interaction FAQ.

For more information on Programs in Plato Courseware, click here.


Locations and Programs may differ by customer implementation


Edmentum Assessments only district account with multiple school locations within the district using Accucess Assessments. They are concerned about the large number of students in the district and want to minimize exposure to all students so teachers don't have to sort through thousands of students when setting up assignments. They want teachers to see students in their location only.

Best Practice:

In Edmentum Assessments, locations can drive which students are in the programs, but teachers can go into any assessment program and view students in that location. Teachers are not restricted from using it across Programs. The idea is to have the Admin direct the teachers to use the right program. For example, if you have Location A and Location B and Program A is assigned to Location A and Program B is assigned to Location B. If learner is in location A, the teacher can go to Program A to see that learner. The teacher can also go to Program B and see the students assigned to Location B, but learners in Location A will not be displayed in Program B.

To minimize the “clutter” of teachers seeing all students in the account, here’s what we recommend.

  1. Add a Location for every school
  2. Create students and put them in their appropriate school/location
  3. Create a Program for every Location
  4. Admin should communicate to teachers that teachers should use the Program that is associated to their school

Note that this implementation may not be ideal for transient students that move locations often as there is no option to transfer assignments or progress data from one program to another.



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