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Viewing Learner Assessment Results in Assessments


To get an overview of the learner assessment scores.


1. Go to the My Learners page.

2. Click the learner's name or click the Actions button next to a learner's name and select the View Learner Progress option from the drop-down menu.

Edmentum Assessments - Learner Assessment Results.PNG

On the learner’s progress page, information is divided into three sections: Profile, Recent Assessment Results, and All Assignments. The Profile section displays the learner’s first name, last name, Plato name and grade. The Recent Assessment Results section displays the learner's results on an assignment in bar graph form. Roll the mouse arrow over the bars to see the number of points achieved, missed, excluded, and pending score.



The All Assignment section displays the details of all the learner's assignments. To view the complete assessment and prescription details of an assignment, click that assignment’s name.  You can click the Create an Assignment button in the All Assignment section to create a new assignment for the learner.



Assessment Details

The Assessment details provides a snapshot of the status, score, time on task, test question results, completion date, result details, and the ability to view the Learner Assessment Results to view questions and students answers. Result Details will demonstrate the type of questions answered, the total number of questions, the percentage correct, and the points earned over points possible. See Viewing Learner Assessment Results in Assessments - Excluded from Score for information on excluded points in the Assessment Details. For more information on the points system see Updates to Edmentum Assessments.



Prescription Details

Prescription details provides an overview of the progress made on the prescriptions assigned. Educators are also able to view and manage prescriptions by clicking Actions.



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