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Exact Path - What does a Learner have to do to Unlock a Quiz in Exact Path?


If a Learner enters too many incorrect answers when taking a quiz, or if he or she is disconnected from the internet while taking a quiz, the quiz will be locked out. This signifies that the student has not mastered the material and needs to complete the Lesson associated with the quiz again.


To unlock a quiz previously accessed the learner can complete the Lesson associated with the quiz again. Once the lesson has been completed, the quiz will unlock and can be taken again. If the Learner has already completed the lesson, he or she can reopen it and click Exit. The quiz will then unlock and can be taken again. 

When the student initially starts the skill the quiz will be unlocked. After completing a quiz the activity will lock. Redo the lesson to unlock the quiz. Once the student exits the lesson the quiz will unlock.


Note: Sometimes, a quiz will not unlock even when the learner has retaken the tutorial. This can be the result of having pop-up blockers enabled within the Learner's browser. In order for a quiz to unlock by retaking the associated lesson, pop-up blockers must be disabled. For directions to disable pop-up blockers please refer to How to turn off pop-up blockers.

Note: The lesson will only unlock the quiz if the lesson has been completed at least once.




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