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Exact Path - iPad Troubleshooting


All Exact Path content will work on an iPad since it does not require Flash or any other plug-ins to run. There are, however, some known caveats with older devices such as the iPad 1 or 2 (version 9.3.5 and below).

Note: Edmentum always recommends using the most updated iPad. See our System Requirements for more information.

iPad Limitations (version 9.3.5 and below)

  • Longer than normal loading times will occur
  • Delays will occur when interacting with buttons

If a student or educator is using an up to date version of an IPAD, but no external sound is playing from the Exact Path iPad Practices or Lessons, have the educator walk through the steps with you. 

  • On the iPad open the Safari browser
  • Go to

If they receive the following result, 'Safari # on macOS (Catalina)' then we will need to adjust the settings on the iPad to feature sound content


  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Safari
  3. Select Request Desktop Website
  4. Select All Website Data > Toggle Off

Troubleshooting Your iPad:

Not sure what version of iPad you have? Check this resource for your Model and your Software version.

1.     Clear the cached data on the iPad: 
     a.    Tap Settings > Safari
     b.    Tap to clear History, Cookies, and Data

2.     Restart your iPad: 
     a.    Hold the power button until "slide to power off" appears
     b.    Slide to power off
     c.    After device is turned off, press the power button to turn the device back on.
3.      Do a hard reset on the iPad:
     a.    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button at the same time
     b.    Then wait a few seconds for the device to turn off.
     c.    Turn back on device

Exact Path will also require that pop-ups be allowed. Visit this page for instructions on how to allow pop-ups on an iPad.

Adding Trusted Sites on an iPad:

  1. Go to Settings app on the iPad 
  2. Select 'SCREEN TIME' 
  3. Select 'Content & Privacy Restrictions' 
  4. Make sure Content & Privacy Restrictions is toggled (in Green), then select Content Restrictions.
  5. Select 'Web Content'
  6. If your restrictions are set to “Limit Adult Content”, then click on the Add Websites button to enter the below trusted sites.

  add site.jpg

NOTE: When you add in the trusted sites, under Settings follow the below domains without an *

What's Next

Our Development and Curriculum teams have done extensive research and investigating as well as partnered with a 3rd party expert (Mentor Mate) to address the challenges of long load times when using older technology hardware such as the iPad 2. Unfortunately, there are limitations when using the iPad 2, leading to content loading times that are longer than the standard. 

Other Considerations

Open Setting > Sounds > and adjust Mute or Volume from there
Toggle Bluetooth Off and On > See if you can play sound without Bluetooth selected
Check the Do Not Disturb is set to 'OFF'
If using Headphones - Plug and unplug headphones for devices with a headphone jack
Restart or force restart your iPad


How to get more help

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