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Instructor Settings for Class Privacy/Management in Exact Path

Turning On Class Restrictions in Exact Path

To adjust the settings and restrict teachers from viewing other's classes and adjusting their classes, follow the steps below. 
        Select Exact Path
        Select "Settings" in the upper right-hand corner
        Select "Instructor Settings"

        *Note: This setting only affects instructors, not Account or Program Administrators.
        Class Privacy: When on, an instructor cannot view data in other classes. Only instructors assigned to their classes will be able to view their class rosters. Administrators and Program Administrators can still locate all classes assigned to their locations.
        Class Management: When on, instructors can create and edit classes. If you turn this setting off for a specific location all teachers attached to this location will not be able to edit their classes. This includes enrolling or removing students, locating EZ Login details, Account Administrators and Program Administrators will be unaffected by this change as they will be able to complete these tasks.

Filtering by Specific Location
You can filter these settings by a specific location or select all locations at one time.
*Note: If a teacher is assigned to more than one location the more important security setting will be implemented on their account. If they have Class Privacy turned on for one location and not the other, then their account will hide any classes where they are not listed as the instructor. If they have Class Management tuned off for one location and not the other, then they will not be able to edit classes in either location.


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