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NWEA Cheat Sheet

Use this file to review and correct customer NWEA files for uploading.

Exact Path NWEA Cheat Sheet

Specialists/Managers: If this file needs editing, download a copy, edit it, and upload a new version.


Other tips for troubleshooting:

  • SISIDs are required for NWEA imports and they must match.
  • Spot check for SISIDs and matching SIS IDs from file and admin Center. Typically see issues with mismatched SISID's with Clever customers using Exact Path.
  • If the customer attempted to import on their own and it failed, check the Export File in NWEA.
  • Check the error log.
  • Check the test name to see if they took the latest test and that the tests match.
  • Add filters to the customer import file. This allows you to easily see all the tests in the file, and all the goals.
  • Compare the test names with the file above (ExactPath_NWEA_support.xlsx).
  • The tests have to match in order for the goal names to match.
  • Look at the goal names in the customer file using the filters. Compare them with the Goals tab in the file above (ExactPath_NWEA_support.xlsx). Filter to the goal(s) and delete the bad ones.
  • If the Language and Writing goal exists in customer file, then the whole import will fail. It needs to be removed from the import file. We don’t have content for this so Exact path rejects it.
  • Example of goal: Common core v3 Goal: Vocabulary:   Acquisition and Use – This goal name has 2 spaces (see highlighted area).
  • Check to see if they have learning paths. If they do, export the learners from the account and import into our test account and try it there so we don’t reset their progress in their account in production.
  • RIT scores rejected is if it’s 2 grades or higher.
    • Do not change the RIT score. EVER! This impacts the integrity of the scores which is no-no.
    • It’s better to delete it. If you delete the RIT score, you can delete it and they will get on-grade level learning path
    • Delete the student from the file.

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