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This guide provides an overview of how a teacher can utilize Exact Path to intervene with student progress.


The instructor view for Exact Path offers a variety of different tasks for the educator. They can review a student's diagnostic experience, preview and adjust a student's learning path, create additional assignments, generate challenges for time spent or trophies earned, group students by their learning path entry grades, and preview a student's national percentile rank. 

Select 'Exact Path' in the black bar at the top
Select My Classes
Select 'Manage Classes'
Locate and select clipboard_e8c7f6e357d454d7fc39b854c57be1309.png on the right hand side.
Enter a 'Class Name', select a 'Grade Level', select the 'Location', and add 'Instructors' to the class.
Scroll down to the 'Select Students' section and select the clipboard_ebd14fd6e0f24cfecca60eb7dced7c6ab.pngsign to the right of their name. 

Select 'Save Class' at the bottom of the page. 
*NOTE: Adding students to your class will allow you to easily locate their diagnostic/learning path results at a later time.

Exact Path creates an individualized learning path for each student based on their performance on the diagnostic. The Diagnostic Test is adaptive and adjusts based on the student performance within the exam.
Follow the steps below for scheduling a diagnostic.

Select 'Exact Path' in the black bar at the top
Select a subject: Math, Reading, or Language Arts
Select 'Diagnostic Scheduling'

Under 'Not Scheduled' select the check box to the left of the students you'd like to take the diagnostic
Select 'Schedule' on the right hand side.
Set the date range to make the diagnostic available to your students
Click 'Schedule'

*NOTE: A student will not receive a learning path until they have completed a diagnostic test or a learning path is manually generated by the teacher or administrator!
Click Here to view more details on scheduling a diagnostic.

Once a student has completed the diagnostic the Exact Path Program will deliver an individualized learning path. Each learning path offers a series of skills for the student to complete based on their diagnostic experience. Follow the steps below to locate a student's diagnostic results. 
Select 'Exact Path' in the black bar at the top
Select a subject: Math, Reading, or Language Arts
Select 'Current Learning Activities' or 'Knowledge Map'
Select the student's name in blue
Scroll to the top and select 'Diagnostic'
Reference this Guide to the Student Summary Report 

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