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Text to Speech Feature for Exact Path


Text to Speech is available for students, teachers, and administrators in the Exact Path program. 

Enable Text to Speech for Diagnostic Tests

Administrators and teachers can adjust the text to speech feature for Diagnostic Tests.

To enable text to speech on the initial Diagnostic as an Administrator you can follow these steps.

  • Select Exact Path
  • Select your Subject
  • Select Diagnostic Scheduling
  • Scroll down and toggle the section for "Audio Controls" On or Off


*Audio Controls: For students in need of Click-to-Speak accommodations, this tool can be enabled for the diagnostic. The student will be able to select any text to have it read to them.

To enable text to speech on the initial Diagnostic as a Teacher for your class, you can follow these steps.

  • Select Exact Path
  • Select My Classes
  • Select Manage Classes
  • Select Student Settings
  • Select Diagnostics
  • Under the Subject Check the Box for "Text to Speech"
  • Select the Green Save Changes Box!


* When enabled, this setting only allows text to speech options in diagnostics. This does not apply changes to learning path activities.

Note: This is only available when the diagnostic has been scheduled.

Text to Speech Options in Learning Paths

If a learner has completed the diagnostic, they will see various text to speech features in the learning path. This cannot be controlled by administrators or teachers and is available to each student as they begin their learning paths.

Lower grade level students will experience modules that automatically read aloud to students with the option of selecting a speaker Icon to hear the sentence/answer choices aloud as many times as needed.

Older grade level students will experience Reader Tools in the upper right-hand corner to access the click to speak feature imbedded in their modules. Additionally, most of the lessons will have the click to speak option in the left-hand navigation of each tutorial with an optional slide narration for every student.  
EnableSpeech4.png EnableSPEECH5.png

If you experience any issues with Text to Speech follow the troubleshooting steps below: 

  • Add Trusted Sites to content Filter
    • For browser-specific instructions on how to add trusted sites, check the table below.
    • Edmentum recommends your network administrator configure the network firewall, content filter, and any other application controlling website access to make sure the following domains/URLs/IPs are accessible from the workstation in order to run lessons.
    • List of Wildcards here
  • Allow Pop-Ups
    • Disabling pop-up blocker(s) allows lessons to run properly.
  • Download required software
    • Exact Path requires that the workstation has a compatible PDF viewer/reader installed or activated.
  • Clear Browser Cache
    • Periodically clearing the cache can help improve performance.

More information on the troubleshooting guide here:


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