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Academic Integrity and Cheating User Guide


Many customers have questions or concerns about how Edmentum protects the integrity of its instructional content from misuse that could lead students to obtain dishonest results. This guide is designed to walk you through the various features and processes Edmentum employs to help protect the academic integrity of our content and to ensure that your students are able to provide independent answers to questions within the content.

Technical Security

Edmentum constantly evaluates the technical security of its products through extensive testing and customer feedback. Read the below article on some technical strategies employed to prevent students from using multiple windows to get Mastery Test answers from Tutorials.

Progress Fraud Protection to Prevent Cheating; Multiple Windows

What about questions and answers found on the internet?

Students frequently will use internet searches to try to find answers to test questions. Some questions may appear verbatim on other external sites. Others may inadvertently post teacher resources on a public site to provide their teachers easy access. In all cases, Edmentum takes these breaches seriously and will work with you to keep the content secure. See the below article to understand what steps Edmentum can take to report, block, and remove unauthorized content.

How to report abuse when Plato questions and answers are posted on the internet; Cheating




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