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Accessibility and Compliance - Are PLATO Learning products compliant with screen reader products for visually-impaired users?


Section 508 accessibility compliance is incomplete at this time.


Section 508 compliance is incomplete at this time, but products do very well in many respects of accessibility:

PLATO Learning takes the accessibility of its products seriously and welcomes the increased scrutiny given to the accessibility of electronic products in recent years.

At this time, however, we cannot claim complete compliance to the 508 standards. For instance, screen readers are unlikely to work well or at all with our courseware. Many of our products feature integrated audio, but we recognize this is not a complete replacement for proper screen reader support. At this time, we are actively prototyping various accessibility accommodations, including complete screen reader support, and hope to be truly 508-compliant in the future.

Even though our current support of 508 compliance is incomplete, we have found as we have undertaken our accessibility prototyping that we score well in accessibility in many areas.

For example, all courseware products undergo rigorous color blindness testing, most courseware products provide textual backup for multimedia audio, and our graphics are designed to be engaging but not visually distracting. Of course, we welcome any further concerns or suggestions you may have about the accessibility of PLATO Learning courseware.

For more details, refer to Accessibility Features of Edmentum Courseware and Products.


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