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Chrome and NPAPI Plug-ins



As of April 2015, Google, the maker of the Chrome™ browser and Chromebooks, has formally discontinued support of NPAPI plug-ins. Plug-ins affected by this change are:

  • Java (Sun JRE)
  • Adobe® Shockwave® Player
  • Authorware
  • QuickTime


While the majority of PLATO Courses use HTML5 and Adobe® Flash® Player (which are not NPAPI plug-ins), there are a select few PLATO courses and titles that still utilize NPAPI plug-ins. For PLATO users who need to access PLATO content that uses NPAPI plug-ins, we recommend using one of our other compatible browsers (Internet Explorer® 10+, Firefox® and Safari®) or use the workaround mentioned below.


Users who want to continue using Chrome version 42 and higher until September 2015 will need to utilize Chrome's suggested workaround in order to allow Java, Shockwave, and other NPAPI plug-ins to continue functioning. The workaround will no longer be available after September 2015 and there will be no way to allow NPAPI plug-ins to function within Chrome after that time.


NOTE: NPAPI plug-ins are already not supported on Chromebooks. See the below article for more details on Chromebooks.


For additional information about Google Removing Flash Support and Compatibility for Chrome please see the following Knowledge Article:


Chromebook, Chrome Browser, and Android Compatibility


All plug-ins, including NPAPI plug-ins, will still be supported in some other compatible browsers (Internet Explorer® 10+, Firefox® and Safari®). Therefore, it is recommended that users accessing PLATO content that still utilizes NPAPI plug-ins use a compatible browser other than Chrome.


PLATO users who still wish to access PLATO content that uses NPAPI plugins while also using Chrome version 42 or higher will need to implement the following workaround to allow NPAPI plugins to work in Chrome.

To Enable NPAPI Plug-ins in Chrome Versions 42 + :

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Copy and paste the following into the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  3. Click the blue "Enable" link under the "Enable NPAPI" section.
  4. Close out of Chrome completely by exiting out of any open window or tab within Chrome.
  5. Upon re-opening Chrome, NPAPI plug-ins will be enabled and will now function as designed.


What's Next

See which plugins the various PLATO Courses and Titles use by visiting the following link:  

Which Courseware Titles Require Flash, Shockwave, Authorware, Java etc.?

If you need help implementing this solution, please contact Edmentum Customer Support.

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