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ERROR: "Error 404: page cannot be found" or blank screen when launching Web link from offline activity


Access needed to non-PLATO Web sites:

Some offline activities and Exploration activities redirect the learner to sites outside the PLATO servers used for PLE.  In the courses/titles Art History and Appreciation, Computer Applications and Technology, Consumer Mathematics, and Health, the links go to pages on, which then forwards the user to a non-PLATO Web site.  In other courses, the Web links connect directly to the non-PLATO Web sites.


A "404" error or blank screen may occur if a network appliance is set to block or filter traffic on the network. This can occur at the local or district level. Contact your IT professional for assistance.


Details of third-party links are listed in the spreadsheet below:

Current Plato course Master Links List

Details of third-party links in Electives are listed in the spreadsheet below:

Current Electives Master Link list

In these files, the Current Links column shows the non-PLATO Web site that is linked to, e.g. is linked to from a PLATO English Course.   

The URL Redirect ID column shows the intermediate redirect link for the 4 courses listed above, (e.g. is a link in an Art History and Appreciation activity that redirects the learner to a non-PLATO site (Note: These sites are only accessible from within PLE).


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