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Edmentum Assessments (AIS) and Courseware - HTML5 and Flash Content

As Edmentum continues to work toward updating and standardizing our platforms and content for our mobile world, moving away from older technology is increasingly important. Districts and all users continue to close the technology gap and are using newer devices every year. These devices increasingly do not support Flash content or make it incredibly difficult to run Flash.

Many Edmentum solutions are Flash-free and each release brings new content to the market that uses HTML5 (mobile friendly) as the standard for delivering lessons to our customers.

Edmentum Assessments (AIS) prescriptions and some Courseware courses still use Flash lessons. Below, we highlight where these may be found and how to manage customer expectations.

All Edmentum Assessments tests (Test Packs, Accucess) themselves are mobile friendly and do not require any plug-ins to access. However, the Test Pack and Accucess prescriptions generated from these tests can be a mix of HTML5 and Flash. For those prescription modules that still utilize the Flash plug-in, we recommend using a Flash emulator like Puffin Browser.

At this time, there is no certainty that a prescription will be 100% HTML5.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our content to be HTML5 sometime in the future (date TBD).

To see a list of courses that are mobile friendly and will work on all mobile devices, see the Course Catalog. Look for courses with the blue dots indicating ""Enabled" and "Optimized"

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