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Enabling Flash in Chrome 69


All Edmentum programs and content still function normally after the most recent Chrome update (69). The Chrome default is set to Ask first, but trusted sites can no longer be added to Flash in the Content Settings. On September 4, 2018, Google released an update to their Chrome browser. Since this update, you will no longer be able to save Flash Player settings within the browser. Each time you close or restart the browser (i.e. at the end of your school day), you will need to enable flash when accessing your courses.

Allow Flash in Chrome:

1. Click on the Lock Secure button near the upper left corner of the screen to open the site setting menu

2. Choose Allow from the dropdown next to the word Flash

3. Click the x on the site settings

4. Click Reload to apply the updated setting when prompted to do so.

Note: You will have to complete these same steps every time you re-open the browser.

Chrome allow flash.png

Note: Chrome no longer allows you to add trusted sites for Flash in the Content Settings in the browser.


Flash setting.PNG


Once Flash is temporarily enabled the content will load.

For a MORE Permanent FIX see below:

1. Visit: chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission
2. Set: Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions to Disabled
3. Reload Chrome
4. Enable Flash as normal one last time (steps listed above)

Other Considerations

For Chromebooks user:



If you continue to have issues while troubleshooting Flash click here.(links to Google's support page)