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Getting Started with Edmentum - Technical


Getting started with Edmentum products can be simple by following some best practices. Many issues in Exact Path, Courseware, and Edmentum Assesment can be resolved by following recommendations below. If you are unable to perform these tasks due to admin restrictions, please contact your school's IT department.

Configure Your browser 

The table below contains links for browser-specific steps for each recommendation.

  • Add Trusted Sites to content Filter
    • For browser-specific instructions on how to add trusted sites, check the table below.
    • Edmentum recommends your network administrator configure the network firewall, content filter, and any other application controlling website access to make sure the following domains/URLs/IPs are accessible from the workstation in order to run lessons.
      • List of Wildcards here
  • Allow Pop-Ups
    • Disabling pop-up blocker(s) allows lessons to run properly.
  • Download required software
    • Exact Path requires that the workstation has a compatible PDF viewer/reader installed or activated.
  • Clear Browser Cache
    • Periodically clearing the cache can help improve performance.
Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Edge
Trusted Sites1 Trusted Sites1 N/A Trusted Sites1 Trusted Sites1
Pop-Up Blocker2 Pop-Up Blocker2 Pop-Up Blocker2 Pop-Up Blocker2 Pop-Up Blocker2

Office Compatible Software

Office Compatible Software

Office Compatible Software

Office Compatible Software

Office Compatible Software

Clear Cache Clear Cache Clear Cache Clear Cache Clear Cache

1 You can find a list of Trusted sites for Courseware, Exact Path, and Assessments here.

Popup blocking software disables JavaScript™ popup ads, but it also disables legitimate website functionality using JavaScript™. Web-based digital content depends on JavaScript™ in order to run correctly

Internet Connection Speed 

Exact Path requires a connection to the Internet. Performance of Exact Path  on this connection is dependent on:

  • the lesson being used 
  • the number of computers simultaneously accessing the Exact Path (this is not the same as the total number of workstations)
  • the available unused bandwidth of the connection

In general, Exact Path recommends the following bandwidth:

  • Exact Path – 128Kbps per simultaneous workstation
  • All other PLATO® Courseware requires 40Kbps per simultaneous workstation
  • PLATO® Straight Curve® Courseware – 128Kbps per simultaneous workstation
  • PLATO® Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science Courseware – 128Kbps per simultaneous workstatio

Other factors that can impact performance are:

  • The number of users on the internet in your school, on your network, or in your house.
  • Network settings controlled by your district.
  • The strength of your WiFi connection.
  • The number of applications running on your device (music or video streaming, etc.).