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How can I test my workstations for compatibility with Plato plug-ins



To verify that your workstation has the required plug-ins and meets other system requirements to use the management system and courseware.


The System Requirements Checker is the easiest way to verify that your workstation has the required plug-ins and meets all system requirements. Review the article below for information on how to test your workstation:

How to use the System Requirements Checker tool on the Plato Support Site

Setup a test learner to view Plato lessons using plug-ins:

Create a test learner and give them five assignments; one for each of the courseware plug-ins.  Use the following titles to test the various plug-ins:

Plug-in Title

Shockwave w/Xtras

Math Expeditions or Beginning Reading
Flash with Flash audio Algebra 1, Part 1 or Intermediate Reading Strategies
Flash with MP3 audio Foundational Mathmatics w/Assessments

If you do not have the Health Course in your account, you can also test redirected websites, which are used in various Plato lessons, by using your browser to go directly to a test link  

If you do not have access to create assignments in PLE, please use the following test account to see Plato content using plug-ins: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log with these credentials: 
  3. Account Login:  PSD01  Plato name:  tester  Password: platotest
  4. Click the Assignments button in the upper left corner (or More... in the lower right corner).
  5. Click on the assignment titled with the plug-in you want to test "Plato Flash Test".

If you have tested performance as an administrator as well as a learner and you have continue to have trouble, please review the system requirements for your product:

System Requirements - All Plato Products

What's Next

For assistance with questions about setting up your workstations and best practices please contact Plato Support Services.

To contact Edmentum Customer Support, visit


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