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Edmentum Support

How to Log In to Edmentum Products


You are trying to log into a Plato product and receive an error message after entering your login credentials.

Courseware or Exact Path


Possible Error Messages:

  • "Your user information was incorrect. Check your Account Login, User Name, and Password and try again. If you continue to have trouble, see your Account Administrator."
  • "Account has been locked by an Administrator so you were logged out."
  • "You cannot log into the system at this time. Today, you are allowed access from 7:30am to 4:30pm."


  1. Make sure you are entering the correct URL and in the Internet Explorer address bar and not a Google or Yahoo search bar. It is not necessary to enter http:// before the URL's listed above. To check that you are visiting the correct site, you may click the appropriate product link above to visit the login page.
  2. Verify you are entering the correct Account Login. This is not case sensitive and is usually a combination of letters and numbers (ex. psd01, plto001) ranging in length.
  3. Check the spelling and any extra spaces or characters in your User Name. If you are unable to login or do not know your User Name, please contact your Instructor or Administrator. Support is unable to create or update a login for you. Your Instructor or school is responsible for adding or modifying login credentials.
  4. Passwords are case sensitive. Verify you're typing the password correctly by typing it in another application.


  5. When logging into you will now experience an email verification, for assistance with this process reference the following downloadable document. Email Verification Assistance.
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  6. If selecting Forgot Your Password, there are no security questions, and an email will be sent once you've verified your Account Login and User Name. (If you do not receive an email or cannot remember your password, your Administrator for the District can reset this for you.