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How to report abuse when questions and answers are posted on the internet; Cheating



Questions and answers within assessments and Mastery Tests may be found on the internet on sites such as and Yahoo! Answers. Questions and text within Edmentum content cannot be trademarked or covered by copyright protection (e.g. 2+2=4 is not intellectual property). The recommendation is to have the content flagged as inappropriate or "Report Abuse" against the question on the site where it's posted if the question infringes on the instructional integrity of Edmentum content.

Additionally, reporting the issue to Edmentum Support will help us identify the issue and we can also flag the question as inappropriate.


We are taking some proactive measures to reduce this by making Instructor Materials more secure, in addition to taking steps to proactively crawl the Internet for our links that have been publicly posted.


Reporting Abuse Scenarios

  • If an educator finds questions and answers from Edmentum content (word-for-word) posted on the internet (e.g. Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers), you can report the abuse directly from the page the answers are on using the "Report Abuse" link. The reporter will be asked to explain the abuse. If you contact Edmentum Support directly concerning the abuse, we can also flag it. If it's obvious how and by whom the information was posted, Edmentum Support can contact the poster and also report the abuse.
  • Additional resources (answer keys, tests, etc...) may also be inadvertently posted on the internet by school districts. In many cases, this is done to give teachers access to these materials. These districts may not be aware that the pages are being indexed and crawled by Google®. Searching Google may provide search results that include these materials. In this case, Edmentum Support will contact the offending district and have them remove the files, pages, or references to the material.​

What's Next

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity and response to cheating is generally enforced at the classroom level regardless of the instructional method. Edmentum recommends leveraging administrative policies to ensure expectations extend to online learning.


How to get more help

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