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How to use the System Requirements Checker tool on the PLATO Support Site


The System Requirements Checker can be found at the link below. This tool will test a variety of configurations on your system to ensure that the requirements for the PLATO Learning Environment are met. The request may take 60-120 seconds and you may see pop-ups while various components are tested. You may be prompted to install an ActiveX control that is used to perform this test.


See the link below to check your workstation for compatibility:

System Requirements Checker 

The PLE System Requirements Checker tests the following components on your workstation to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for PLE.

Once the test is complete, make a note of the test number that appears near the top of the test.  You can use this number when contacting PLATO Support.  The Support Representative will use the test number to look up your test results.

System Property Requirement/Recommendation
Workstation Operating System & Browser Windows® XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 with Internet Explorer 8® / 9® / 10®, Chrome 25+, Firefox 19+
Macintosh® OS 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 with Safari 5 / 6, Chrome 25+, Firefox 19+
Required URLs Access the URLs required for PLE
Internet Connection Speed Recommended 40-128Kbps per simultaneous workstation
JavaScript Must be enabled
ActiveX Must be enabled
Pop-up Blockers Must be disabled or allow pop-ups from PLATO sites
Cookies Must be enabled
Flash Player Plug-in Must be installed
Shockwave Player Plug-in Full version must be installed
Adobe Reader Recommended 7.0 or higher
Sun JRE Must be installed
Shockwave Xtras Must be installed
Microsoft Office-Compatible Software Must be installed


Depending on how you use PLATO, your workstation must successfully pass these tests. For instance, if you do not run lesson that utilize the Shockwave or Shockwave Xtras plug-in, you will not need to have these components installed.  If you will be using the 2010 PLATO Courses, you must have Sun JRE and a Microsoft Office-compatible suite installed.

If you have any questions about the test or interpreting the results, please contact PLATO Support Services.


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