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Learner progress on activities is not being saved


To reduce the likelihood of lost learner progress and to ensure that progress is recorded back to the PLATO Server


  • Make sure learners are exiting the lesson or test correctly and not just exiting by closing the browser or shutting down the computer. Tell learners to use the built-in Exit button located in the lesson in order to exit the lesson.  Closing the browser window using the "red x" in the upper right corner will not update the assignment progress properly.
  • Tests may have a final "Congratulations" or "Summary" page after the final question. Learners must advance to the final page before clicking the built-in Exit button or their progress may not save.
  • Make sure that all popup blockers are disabled on the workstation. For more information, refer to How to turn off popup blockers
  • Make sure that workstations are free of viruses and malware (adware/spyware) and in otherwise good working condition. For more information, refer to the article linked below:

How to remove viruses and malware (adware/spyware) and perform a full system scan

For a complete list of supported and tested network and workstation configurations please see the link below to review all network and workstation configuration requirements:


What's Next

The System Requirements Checker is the easiest way to verify that your workstation has the required plug-ins and meets all system requirements. Review the article below for information on how to test your workstation:

How to use the System Requirements Checker tool on the PLATO Support Site


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