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Logging into the Edmentum Support Center

To use the Contact Us page to send an email to Edmentum Customer Support, you must be logged into the Edmentum Support Center.

Check to see if you are logged in

Look at the top of this page. Under Edmentum Support Center, look for the word "Welcome". If the message says "Welcome Anonymous", you are lot logged in. If it says anything else, you are logged in and can proceed to the Contact Us form.


If you are not logged in, follow the steps below to gain access through your Edmentum product:

Choosing your product​

PLE and Plato Courseware have the exact same login page for all users and provide the exact same content to learners. Both products also have Edmentum Sensei available to instructors and administrators. To determine which product you are using, login first, then check your "App Switcher Bar" at the top of the page:



You should see several choices. If you see "Edmentum Assessments" or "Plato Courseware", you are using Plato Courseware as your product. If you see "PLE", you are using PLE as your product.

Logging into the product

Follow the steps below to login to PLE or Plato Courseware:

  1. In your web browser's address bar, type or click the link:​ Note: both PLE and Plato Courseware use the same URL.
  2. Enter your Account Login. This is the code that identifies your account in our product (e.g. PSD01, CHS123).
  3. Enter your PLATO Name and Password. Your PLATO Name and Password are unique to you. This information is provided to you by your Account Administrator.


Accessing the Support Center

For PLE educators, once you are logged in, click the Account Options at the top-right of the page button then Support  . You will be authenticated as a valid PLE user and redirected to the Support site. The Contact Us page will load the email form for you to send a message.


For Plato Courseware users, once you are logged in, look for the "Support" link at the bottom of the page and click on it. You will be authenticated as a valid Plato Courseware user and redirected to the Support site. The Contact Us page will load the email form for you to send a message.


What's Next

If you are unable to login to your product, please contact your Account Administrator.

If you experience issues with the Support site or have questions about this process, please contact  Edmentum Customer Support by calling 800.869.2200 and choose option 3.


How to get more help

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