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Users are intermittently disconnected from the system apparently at random; various error messages


Troubleshoot slow Internet connection speed or insufficient bandwidth on your end. If you have insufficient bandwidth you might experiance some of the following issues:

  • Report does not appear when requested; appears to hang


Contact your IT group or PLATO Support to help you troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Test your connection speed: (NetStat Live) (YourSpeed)

  2. Compare the speed with one student using the product with the speed when many or all students are using it at the same time. If the connection speed is much slower with students in the lab, then it appears that your bandwidth (capacity for simultaneous traffic) is limited.
  3. Ask your IT group to compare the time it takes to load a page in their network with the same page outside their network.
  4. If you are using a proxy server, empty the cache. Configure your proxy server so that the cache is bypassed for all eduTest requests.
  5. Refer to the document Bandwidth - How Much is Enough? for questions about bandwidth.
  6. Contact PLATO Support to see if they experience the same delay accessing your account.


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