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What web browsers are supported?


Each browser may display a website differently. This is due to the fact all the major browsers use different rendering engines. A rendering engine is a software that interprets HTML (content), CSS (styling instructions) and JavaScript (functionality), and displays it as a web page. Because of these differences, certain sites may not load correctly on different browsers.


If your workstation browser does not meet PLATO Products system requirements you might experience one of the following issues:

Error Messages

  • Activities do not appear when running on Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera browser browser
  • Edit Status Step 2 screen not displaying options _ Use supported Internet browser
  • OK or other options not visible or grayed out in Edit Status, Create Assignment, Add Learner, Manage Users, run activities etc. using Firefox
  • ERROR:  "Network error 4836" when running on Mozilla Firefox browser
  • ERROR: "Load Failure, trying again" when you try to run activities
  • ERROR:  "Invalid JSON primitive" when running on Mozilla Firefox browser
  • ERROR:  "Contacting" when attempting to log in
  • ERROR: "Assignment deactivated by different user" when editing learner status
  • Spinning wheel stays on screen when performing various Plato functions
  • You are logged out each time you add a learner; using Firefox browser
  • ERROR: "Temporarily unable to communicate";  or stuck on loading when launching or running activity
  • Calculator functions not displaying or functioning properly _ Make sure browser meets system requirements
  • ERROR:  "Launch error failed to connect to data tier" when trying to launch activity
  • Activities lock-up / freeze when running on Mozilla Firefox, Safari (in Windows only) Google Chrome, or Opera browser
  • Tracker tools not displaying or functioning properly
  • Unable to log in using Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera browser
  • ERROR: "The system has encountered a significant error" when trying to log on
  • Students getting kicked out of lessons intermittently, without any error message
  • Unusual or incomplete display of graphics accompanying text in lesson or test in PLE_ Ensure you are using a supported web browser
  • ERROR: "Test data loading in progress...Please wait" when launching assessment tests
  • ERROR:  "Significant error" when trying to launch lessons, using Mozilla Firefox
  • Is Internet Explorer 6 supported for PLato Courseware
  • Reports appear blank or in incorrect format


Ensure you are using a supported web browser.  Please refer to the Edmentum System Requirements document for more information regarding supported web browsers and operating systems.

For a complete list of supported and tested network and workstation configurations please see the link below to review all network and workstation configuration requirements:

PLE System Requirements

System Requirements Supplement

Chromebook Compatibility


What's Next

Click on the below link for a list of all PLATO products system requirements documents.


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