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Working with Digital Drop Box activities for Learners


In a Digital Drop Box activity, Learners download a digital file (word processing documents, spreadsheets, etc.) and save it to the local computer. Then, follow the directions and add your own written work to the file and upload it. You can then submit the file for review and receive comments back from your Instructor. When you are ready, submit the file to be graded by your Instructor. You can then see your grade after the Digital Drop Box activity has been scored.

How To


Download a Digital Drop Box activity file:


  • Access All Activities for your Assignment and click on the Unit Activity icon.



  • Click Download to my computer (under the file name) and save the file to a folder the local computer or alternate location specified by your Instructor. Open the file once it's been saved.


  • Read the instructions and complete the activity. Once you have finished adding your work to the file, save the file, and close it. If you have any questions about file names and/or where to save the files, contact your Instructor.


Upload a Digital Drop Box activity file:


After completing and saving the Digital Drop Box activity file, you are ready to upload it for review or scoring by your Instructor.

  • Access All Activities for your Assignment and click on the Unit Activity icon.


  • Click Upload new file, then click Browse and locate the file you saved and want to upload. Double click the file so it's listed next to Selected File and then click Add File to upload it to the File Center.

The file has now been uploaded. You can see details of it in the File Center, including your name along with the date and time you uploaded it.

Can you edit the file after its uploaded?

Yes; if you want to add or change something in your file, open it again in the folder where you saved it, make your changes and save the file again. Then, click Upload a new version of this file beneath the existing file. You do not have to give it a different file name; the File Center will keep track of the old versions as well as the latest version that you have uploaded.


Does uploading the file send it to your Instructor?

Not quite; your Instructor can see it, but you need to either submit it for review or score.



  • When you are ready to submit your file, click the check box next to the uploaded file and click Submit Selected File(s). Submitting a file means you are ready either to ask your Instructor for comments on your work or have your Instructor score the activity. 


  • Once you have submitted the file for scoring, you cannot upload another file for this activity. You will be asked whether you are submitting your file for final scoring or for review. Choose an option. Add any comments or questions you have for your Instructor if necessary and then click Submit Files.

Note: It references "Files" because you can submit more than one file at a time, although you will most often only be submitting one file at a time.

  • Once you submit the file, you can return to the digital drop box activity later and click Comments Log to see if your Instructor has left you a comment.
  • After you have submitted your file for scoring, a confirmation message will display under the file.



View the score of a digital drop box activity:


After your Instructor scores your activity, you will see a new notification on the Home page under Alerts when you login.

  • Click the Digital Dropbox Scored link.




  • The Unit Activity page will open, saying that your activity has been scored and displaying the score to the right of the alert.



Delete a submitted Digital Drop Box activity file:


  • Access All Activities for your Assignment and click on the Unit Activity icon.


  • Check the box next to the file you want to delete and then click Delete Selected File(s). The file will be moved to the Deleted Files tab and can are still accessible if necessary.

Instructors can view all files that have been submitted for review or scoring, as well as deleted files.


  • To restore a deleted file, click the Deleted Files tab, select the file to restore, and then click Restore Selected File(s)


What's Next

Please contact your Instructor for further assistance with Digital Drop Box activities.

Other Considerations

Using the Audio Recorder in Lesson Activities

Refer to Recording in World Languages Content for more information.

ERROR: "Invalid file type" trying to upload Digital Drop Box activity file

Issue: The above error message displays when trying to upload a Digital Drop Box activity file.

Resolution: The following file types are accepted when using the upload new file option via the File Center for Drop Box.


.doc or .docx (Microsoft Word document) .png (Portable Network Graphics)
.gif (bitmapped image or animation) .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint presentation)
.jpg or .jpeg (compressed image) .rtf (Rich Text Format)
.pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format) .xls (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
.wma (Windows Media Audio) * .wav (Waveform Audio File Format) *
.mp3 (Audio Layer 3) *  

Maximum file size limit is 3 mb.

For Digital Photography assignments you may want to convert your word document format into a PDF.  This will enable you to upload your pictures for submission.

Please note: File Types with an next to them are audio files that are specifically used in Digital Drop Box Activities for Plato World Language courses.


For additional information about using PLATO as a Learner, please refer to the Student Orientation tutorial and Learner Guide:

PLATO Learner Guide


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