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Edmentum Assessment Alerts in Sensei


Instructors can see Alerts from completed Edmentum Assessments and Messages using Edmentum Sensei. Account Administrators and Program Administrators will receive Alerts for Edmentum Assessments in Sensei if they are the instructor for the assessment assignment. If they are not the instructor they can still use Sensei to send messages and view recent activity.


In Edmentum Assessments, Admins can see all assessments and students by clicking on Edmentum Assessments in the App Switcher bar and then using the tabs across the top of the Edmentum Assessments home page. Assessments can be viewed by selecting the "My Learners" tab or the "My Assignments" tab. Only one instructor or admin can be attached to an assessment assignment.


See the Sensei QRC for more details.

See the Edmentum Assessments User Guide for more information on Assessments.



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