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Edmentum Sensei™

Edmentum Sensei™  is an unprecedented way for educators to seamlessly access and interact with data from Edmentum products. Sensei is an interactive hub that works with Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessments. It is mobile optimized for the 21st Century classroom to allow educators to make faster, more informed decisions at anytime from a computer or mobile device.  With Sensei you can monitor activities related to student engagement, subject mastery, recent activity, scores, and much more in just a few clicks!


Edmentum Sensei™ alerts educators to the tasks that need attention right away. Educators can easily see all students, students by class, and which students are currently online.  Educators can engage with students to keep them on track and promote collaboration among peers. The Sensei dashboard is divided into three main sections: Alerts, Messages and Students. From the dashboard, an educator can view all alerts for finished assessments, message a student, or quickly manage students' activities and information.

What are the benefits of this feature?

By using Edmentum Sensei™, educators can identify knowledge gaps using built in progress measures, and then use that information to take action. Sensei is designed to help minimize administrative tasks, allowing educators to leverage their expertise in their class room. Educators can use Sensei to drill down to only the information they need.

  • From the dashboard, an educator can view all alerts for finished assessments, message a student, or quickly manage students' activities (unlock a mastery tests) and information.
  • Sensei provides a quick snapshot of student activity. You can view most of the information for your students and class with just a few clicks!
  • As an instructor or admin you can customize your account to land on the Sensei page when you first login. This way you can easily see which students are currently online.
  • Sensei provides the ability to filter information to obtain only what you need as an educator.
  • Sensei allows you to efficiently track the outcomes of your program anywhere, anytime, any place!
  • Navigating back to Plato is just one click away. In the upper left corner of the navigation bar you will have the choice to switch between Edmentum Sensei and the Plato Learning Environment.
  • The Inactivity icons provides a quick visual of which students have been inactive for more than 10 days.
  • Force log-off learners by clicking the green circle in the student card in Sensei to help maintain accurate time on task and time in system reporting.

When to use this feature?

You can use Sensei to produce a snapshot of student achievement and monitor the success of your educational programs at all levels. If you are an instructor or an administrator you can customize your account to land on the Sensei page when upon logging in.


Use Edmentum Sensei™ to help you spend time doing what you do best - helping students achieve!

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For additional information about using Sensei®, please refer to the Sensei QRC:

Sensei QRC

Sensei Alerts

  • Completed Assessments
  • Messages
  • Module Completed
  • Unlock Mastery Tests
    • Only Display Mastery Tests in "Locked" Alert When Not Mastered
  • Lock Alert period is 60 minutes. (1 Lock Alert per 60 minutes. Subsequent attempts within 60 will not produce an alert. This prevents teachers from being "spammed" with lock Alerts)
  • 'Assignment Due in 7 days'
  • 'Assignment Due today'
  • View Scores of Mastery Tests
  • Score Graded discussion (with action on alert)
  • Score Unit Activity (with action on alert)
  • Score Test Pack CRs (with action on alert)


In an effort to remove the high volume of notifications instructors get and make this more user friendly, we have Removed the following alerts from the educators sensei alert page.

  • 'Pending Score/Review' alert: Educators can now navigate to 'Ready to Score' page in Sensei to score/review items submitted by learners. 

Sensei Reports

  • Graphic Learner Progress Report
  • Learner Daily Usage Report
  • Learner Progress Report
  • Reports batch run and are available for seven days
  • Reports show the filtered students or groups visible in Sensei

Sensei Groups

Refer to Sensei Groups for more information.


Ready to Score

Refer to the Ready to Score article for more information.


Administrator View Of Student Page In Sensei

Refer to the Administrator View of Student Page in Sensei.

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