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How to View/Grade Graded Discussions and Dropbox Activities:

Note: When a student(s) submit an activity for scoring, Instructors in the Class will be notified via Ready to Score in Sensei. Refer to Ready to Score for details.

  1. Click on Courses tab
  2. Click on My Classes
  3. Under Quick Actions, click on Click to View Class Details icon
  4. To view/score a Graded Discussion, click on Class Curriculum and expand the course to drill down to the activity and clickView.
  1. You can submit a post, read posts for all Learners or select a specific Learner in order to score the Learner.
  2. If you select a specific Learner, you can score their Graded Discussion by entering a score from 0-100 and clicking save.
  3. To view/score the Dropbox Activity for a Learner, select a Learner from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on the file to download and review what the learner submitted and then Score 0-100 or Return without score, add comments and click Save.  This will notify the learner. History and Comments will show you all of the activity for that dropbox activity for the specific Learner. 
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