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Ready to Score in Edmentum Sensei™

Ready to Score is a brand new feature available in Edmentum Sensei created to enhance the educator's experience in PLATO. Ready to Score helps simplify and streamline the process of scoring instructor graded activities. Instructors will see alerts on the Ready to Score page when a student submits an activity to be scored, or reviewed. Instructors will be able to click directly on the alert and will be taken directly to the student's activity that needs to be scored/ reviewed. Administrators will only get Ready to Score notifications if they are enrolled as an instructor in the class.

Ready to Score

As of 12/12/2015, instructors will receive alerts on the Ready to Score page in Edmentum Sensei each time one of their students submits a Constructed Response item, threaded discussion response, as well as when students submit dropbox activities. Instructors can click directly on the Ready to Score alert to review, comment on, return and/or score the activity. Instructors will continue to receive alerts for activities as usual on the Alerts page. 



Clicking on a Ready to Score alert will take the instructor to the scoring page for the activity. The instructor can then choose to review, return, comment on, and/ or score the activity. Once the activity has been scored, the alert will automatically delete from the Ready to Score page. If an instructor comments on, and/ or returns the activity without scoring it, the alert will remain on the Ready to Score page.




Teacher Graded Activity: 


The Learner Submits for Review or Score from the Submit buttons in the dashboard. The submission dialog also allows the Learner to enter Comments for the Teacher. After submitting, the Learner has the ability to ‘Undo the Submission.’ Educators can only view the Learner’s Graded Activity when it is in the Submitted state.


The Learner can navigate freely through the Graded Activity, beginning to end. Individual Questions or Tasks are not submitted separately, as is the experience in a Lesson Activity. The Graded Activity is submitted as a whole when the Learner is ready for the Assignment to be Scored or Reviewed.


Graded Activities can be previewed in Browse Curriculum prior to Assigning a Course. Graded Activities display with a different icon in the expanded view so that the Educator can distinguish Graded Activities from Drop Box Activities.


Submitted Graded Activities will appear in the Educator’s Sensei ‘Ready to Score’ page, as well as My Active Tasks in Courseware. Clicking on any of these links will take the Educator to the Graded Activity Scoring Page. Clicking the History and Comments button toggles the view to show all Comments submitted by Educator and Learner.


This page works the same as for scoring a Drop Box. Clicking the Graded Activity link on the right launches the Learner’s submission.

  • Educator can navigate through all of the Graded Activity
  • Sample Answers appear beneath Learner answers
  • Answer pages with learner answers and sample answers can be Printed
  • Scoring Rubric is available in Resources as a link to open in a new tab
  • Comments Editor for the Educator allows adding images, tables, and math


Note: Through the same Ready to Review/Score feature, students can submit additional items as designated by the educator, and a score area on the teacher-side.

  • Educator can see which documents in File Center were submitted for score/review
  • Educator can download learner-submitted documents from the Graded Activity scoring page
  • Educator can upload files for the learner (e.g., commented version of the learner’s submission

1. To access the file center, click READY TO SCORE from the Edmentum Sensei toolbar.    


2. Click an item that has been submitted for scoring.


3. File Center appears on the right side of the Teacher Graded Activity screen.


Other information to know about Graded Activities:

  •  Learners are never Locked out the Assignment. Even after it is Scored, Learners can view the Assignment, edit answers, and/or Re-Submit. Any Score adjustment would be made in Edit Status.
  •  Graded Activities can also be viewed from the Learner’s Class Curriculum Status.
  •  Submission status is not sent to the Educator until the Learner exits the Graded Activity.
  • If there are multiple instructors in the class, when one of the teacher's scores the activity, the ready to score alerts go away for all instructors in the class in both My Active Tasks and Ready to Score.
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