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Using the AppSwitcher Bar


Located at the top of the page, the AppSwitcher bar allows administrators and instructors to easily navigate between Edmentum products such as Edmentum Sensei and Plato Courseware. Use Edmentum Sensei to view a quick snapshot of student progress and activity. Access Plato Courseware to manage classes and assign curriculum.



How To

To use the AppSwitcher bar:

1. Select the Edmentum product you would like to access or choose Administration Center to manage your account.

2. You will be taken directly to Sensei, Edmentum Assessments, Plato Courseware, or the Administration Center.

2. Once you are finished viewing the app, you can access another Edmentum product by selecing it from the AppSwitcher bar.

Other Considerations

In order for Edmentum Assessments to appear in the AppSwitcher Bar, it must be a created program. Only the account administrator can create and remove programs through the Administration Center. If you are unable to view the Edmentum Assessments app, please contact your account administrator.


How to get more help

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