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How do you add email signature and use variables in Genius emails?


Instructions for adding email signature and using variables in Genius Emails


NOTE: This is in Genius Send Email function. Adding the signature through "Edit Account" does not work using Genius messaging.


Use the Select Variable option when you are composing an email to add individual students’ names in the greeting or to add other personalized details to the email.  This works if the email is going to one student or if the email is a mass email going to a number of students.

Follow these steps:

1. Log into Genius.

1a. Email an individual student:  Go to the student’s main page and click on Send Email in the Actions category on the left.  The variables in the Select Variable drop down box include categories for student Info, User Info, and General Info.

1b. Personalized mass email: If you are sending a mass email that you want to personalize for each student, go to the Enrollments tab, use the filters (Search Criteria) to select the student that will be receiving the email, click on Get Data, and a list of the students selected will populate. Then click on “Email” on the left of the screen.

2. When composing the email, put the cursor in the spot you want the variable placed, select the variable, and the message will be personalized with that information.

For example, to add the student’s name to the greeting, use the Select Variable drop down box and select Student Info -- [First Name] and it will automatically insert a student’s first name.

There are other options to choose from in the Select Variable drop down box, as well. There are 5 categories with options from the Enrollments tab: Student Info, Enrollment Info, Pacing Info, Teacher Info, and User Info.

The images below show examples of variables that can be inserted into an email to provide personalized information.

Be sure to create your signature block in Genius before using the User Signature option. Include your name, title, EdOptions Academy, your academy email address, BBIM name, office hours, and any other contact information.

Signature Block Example:

Mary Jones

Math Teacher

EdOptions Academy


BBIM Name: Mjones1

Office Hours: 4-5pm Central Time M-W-Th

Phone: 555-555-5555


When attaching a file to an email in Genius, the maximum file size allowed is 4MB.


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