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SIS Integrations Features and Setup

Study Island, Courseware, Assessments, and Exact Path are capable of integrating with Clever, ClassLink, and 3rd party provider of API/SSO services for automation of specific user management tasks. ClassLink and Clever's ability to fully automate the integration may be limited on the type of SIS being used. The list below outlines the current functionality available through a ClassLink and a Clever integration. More information about ClassLink and Clever can be found at and

For more information on this integration and to establish a conversation with an Edmentum Technical Engineers, please contact your Edmentum Sales Representative. They will put in a request to schedule a call to review our options and ensure we are providing you with the ideal integration solution.

In its current iteration, the ClassLink and Clever integration can automate the following tasks. Updates are made nightly with a data sync between the SIS and Edmentum. Additional functionality will be added on in subsequent phases of the integration.

Clever and ClassLink

Task Automation

Create new users Update existing users Deactivate existing users Roster Sections

First Name, Last Name

User Name



Email Address


State ID

Location Membership

Set users to active/inactive

Change passwords

Change any field that is editable (see fields to the left)

Move users to a new location (or add them to an additional location)

Users that leave your district will be deactivated within the Edmentum program

If a user returns to the district their account will be re-activated.

Courseware, Exact Path, and Study Island: Create classes and enroll students based on schedule/section data from your SIS

For SSO,  Edmentum currently supports all of the authentication methods available from Clever or ClassLink. Please contact the Clever or ClassLink support teams to explore the various SSO options available for your district's student information system.

See below for a grid of currently available features:

Clever & ClassLink Study Island Courseware Assessments Exact Path
Create Users Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modify Users Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Classes Yes Yes   Yes
Place Students into Classes Yes Yes   Yes
Move Students to another Class Yes Yes   Yes
Move students to a new location Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: for these features to become available, locations and sections (classes) must be mapped between Clever and the Edmentum program.

ClassLink Setup Documentation


Exact Path


How to get more help

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